Rd 4 PPR Esports results

8:00pm arrived and all those that were participating in the PPR league clicked ‘enter server’ with bated breath, would there be rain to accompany a poorly lit circuit for a night race? Obviously!

45mins of practice in wet conditions that would progressively get worse. Followed by 15mins of Qualifying in identical conditions. Surely this meant that with a change in day for the race, would see a big change in conditions? Nope, we were sat on the grid with torrential rain and a weather report that for the foreseeable said it was going to get worse. After practicing throughout the week and dialing in a setup we were left with around an hour’s time to quickly come up with something new for the wet. The majority of us opted for the preset wet setup with a few minor adjustments. Qualifying for myself was poor and saw me sat on the grid in 17th. John Clements lined up in 6th after a solid qualifying, best position out of the PSR bunch.

The start of the race was rather hectic with a big pile up before T1 which saw every one from 20th position back ducking and diving shortly followed by some bobbing and weaving through the chicane mid track after an Aston and Ferrari traded paint.

Finally things calmed down and everyone started to find their pace. It was a mentally tiring race with extremely limited visibility and a lack of grip just off the racing line. The race format required 2 mandatory pit stops, and still im unsure if tyres or fuel were mandatory! something in the future I ought to be sure on. We were all planning on running 3 equal stints, which meant tyre management wasn’t such an issue. Dean Allen in the BMW was having a tough time after getting taken out in the drama at T1 but was slowly making his way back up the standings after finding his groove. Unfortunately a big spin coming out of the long right-hander before the chicane put a stop to his race and resulted in a DNF.

John Clements was having a solid race despite a few hiccups one of which involved being collected by team mate Dean Allen. After his first pit stop he was sat comfortably in the top 5 with myself just behind in 6th. (Beautiful pirouette in video below)

nearing the latter stages of the race the final pit stops were looming and I decided to pit the following lap, get some new boots and try knock out some good times. Unfortunately upon entry to the pits I had a slight mishap with the pit limiter and was slapped with a 30 second stop and go, so from 6th to 19th I went. Mr Clements pitted strategically and only took fuel which resulted in around a 10 second saving, helping to bag a 5th at the finish line. Tim Weller was having a great race in the Aston, after starting back in 26th he’d worked his way up to 13th by the finish line with some great consistency. PPR leagues are split into 2 splits, Pro / Silver. Tim’s 13th claimed him a solid 3rd in his split which will definitely see him rise in the overall standings. Dan Wood finished with a respectable 20th place after a couple of offs in the greasy conditions.

My final laps ended with some super close racing whilst I chased down 18th and 17th and bagged myself a couple more positions before the end and made the best of a bad situation.

I will post the full results once they become available . If you’d like to watch the race from either myself or John Clements perspective then hit one of the links below

Average Sim Racer

John Clements

Full race results and updated Pro and Silver standings:

Silver standings

Pro standings

for all your Livery desires

6 thoughts on “Rd 4 PPR Esports results

  1. I missed the pirouette because I was watching your race. It was hard work watching in those conditions, never mind racing! Congratulations to all who survived to the finish line. 🏁

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