RD10 & RD11 – PPR

Downfall The past month or so I've been extremely busy with life away from the Sim Rig. And fitting in any good solid practice has been hard, especially when you throw into the mix 3 different cars. 2 GT3 cars, 1 which is right hand drive front engine, and one which is left hand drive … Continue reading RD10 & RD11 – PPR

Rd 4 PPR Esports results

8:00pm arrived and all those that were participating in the PPR league clicked 'enter server' with bated breath, would there be rain to accompany a poorly lit circuit for a night race? Obviously! 45mins of practice in wet conditions that would progressively get worse. Followed by 15mins of Qualifying in identical conditions. Surely this meant … Continue reading Rd 4 PPR Esports results