Final Rd – PPR

Kyalami Kyalami marked the final round of the PPR league. With 13 rounds it has been a relatively long league with every round being 90 or 120 minutes of intense racing. The standard of driving has been great which has allowed for some extremely close racing to be had. Heading into the final round I … Continue reading Final Rd – PPR

Rd 12 – Bathurst

Penultimate Round Heading to Bathurst for the Penultimate Round was exciting but made me feel a bit apprehensive as the rest of the season had gone well and I didn’t want to end up with a DNF so close to the end. The previous race for me at Bathurst was in the Audi whilst competing … Continue reading Rd 12 – Bathurst


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Hi, I’m Darrell Upton, I live in Great Britain. By day I climb tree’s but by night I become a sim racer, an Average one most the time, but that doesnt take away any of the passion I have for the hobby.

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