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Entering into the unknown

Myself and the rest of the PSR bunch have an extremely limited amount of time in any of the GT4 cars. But recently the invitation to a GT4 league with a list of serious names was something we couldn’t miss out on. The usual story applies here, where I tell you we have limited time to practice due to currently being up to our eyes balls in other leagues. That being said it wouldn’t stop us entering into the unknown and seeing what we could do.

Strong field

I’m gonna quickly just drop the spotters guide here so you can just see what a strong field was entered. everything from Jenson Buttons Rocket team, GT3 factory drivers through to seasoned Sim racers.

Please not a few teams are not shown as they were late to the show and missed being added to the spotters guide including team Rocket

Qualifying was the usual crowded 15 mins with lots of invalidated laps and not to mention some impressive times. Oskar Sandberg topped the leader board early on but was pushed to 3rd by the time the chequered flag was waved. Luka Berk took Pole just hundredths Infront of PSR’s very own Bastian Zenefels. Clements and Dean Allen put in a cracking qualy and sat on the grid in 15th & 16th. The qualifying was unbelievably close and the top 30 were separated by less than 2 seconds.

Green, Green, Green

60 minutes, no pitstop, just 30+ Caymans racing for an hour. The first 15 minutes was very intense, with all the cars being the same it came down to setup and driver which is a nice change to racing against cars suited to particular tracks if you get my jist. From the off myself and Jack Roderick quickly worked through the field and caught up with Dean Allen who was battling with a pink Porsche. After some dodging and weaving from the MSL car Dean managed to make a move which stuck and allowed him to progress. Overtakes were difficult and required setting up to get right. I read the track well and got a good run on the MSL car and just got my nose along side going into Piratella. I knew this would hold the door open for Jack and sure enough he capitalised and we both stuck the move and got our heads down and began to gap the pink MSL car. Dean managed to take his car onwards to 9th place which in this field is an amazing result, Jack was close behind in 11th and I came in at P13 after failing to defend against Jannick Moller on the final 2 laps. John Clements had an unfortunate crash which ruined his race and saw him retire to the pits not long after. The Race saw a lot of Drive throughs due to track limits and a lot of positions were won and lost because of this

The Dark Horse

Starting in P2 Bastian got to work in what sounded like a very intense battle between the top 3. Unfortunately Bastian got tangled with another driver and took on some damage which lost him a few positions. Crossing the line in 6th place it’s clear to see Bastian is quite the dark horse and one to watch for in the remainder of the league, especially next week’s race at one of his favourite tracks Nurburgring.


Rd 2 will be held next Monday evening @ Nurburgring

Stream links

Darrell – Average Sim Racer

John – JJC racing

Race stream with Commentary

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