Rd 12 – Bathurst

Penultimate Round Heading to Bathurst for the Penultimate Round was exciting but made me feel a bit apprehensive as the rest of the season had gone well and I didn't want to end up with a DNF so close to the end. The previous race for me at Bathurst was in the Audi whilst competing … Continue reading Rd 12 – Bathurst

RD10 & RD11 – PPR

Downfall The past month or so I've been extremely busy with life away from the Sim Rig. And fitting in any good solid practice has been hard, especially when you throw into the mix 3 different cars. 2 GT3 cars, 1 which is right hand drive front engine, and one which is left hand drive … Continue reading RD10 & RD11 – PPR

RD 9 – PPR – Zolder

Zolder is one of those tracks that people either love or hate. it has a lot of heavy braking with narrow chicanes and big curbs everywhere, and a mistake can be extremely costly. Race Racing in the dark is always tricky, braking points can be hard to judge correctly, and entries and apex's can be … Continue reading RD 9 – PPR – Zolder

Rd 8 – PPR – Silverstone

Good old English weather Rd 8 of the PPR league was here and this week we would be battling around Silverstone. Once again practice had been limited leading up to Sunday so late afternoon I decided to get an hour in before the server went live. Conditions looked standard for Silverstone, relatively low temps and … Continue reading Rd 8 – PPR – Silverstone

Rd 5 PPR League – Spa

finally! Practice, Qualy and Race in dry and somewhat warm conditions or atleast warmer than Hungary! I'm going to be brief with qualifying and get straight down to business. Qualifying was a tough one with not much time on the long circuit of Spa, so a lapse of concentration could result in your hotlap being … Continue reading Rd 5 PPR League – Spa