Review – OBP eSports V2 Pedals

There’s a common misconception in the Sim racing world, that premium products will allow the racer to set faster lap times. There is some merit to this statement but on the whole it should be taken with a pinch of salt, with practice you can be as fast as the fastest with whatever equipment you … Continue reading Review – OBP eSports V2 Pedals

Cayman Super Cup Rd 1 – Barcelona

Invitational After the success of the previous Cayman Cup it was only right that a second series would emerge. This time teams were invited to take part with a maximum of 3 team members per team allowing for a much larger array of teams. With a few PSR members currently having a short break from … Continue reading Cayman Super Cup Rd 1 – Barcelona

Meca Sim Hardware

Sim racing Pedals are easily one of the most important part of any sim racing set up. Far more superior is an upgrade for the feet than an upgrade for the hands. Most people entering the world of Sim racing will most probably start out with a set of pedals which lack any form of … Continue reading Meca Sim Hardware

ACC DLC 10th February!

British GT Pack DLC The eagerly awaited British GT Pack DLC has an official launch date! 10th of February will see 3 iconic British tracks which I believe to be Oulton Park, Donnington and Snetterton. Along with 40 new liveries and 70 new drivers along with a dedicated championship This will be available through steam … Continue reading ACC DLC 10th February!

Simracing4u – Button box review

Button box? For those of you that are unaware what a button box is, I shall attempt to briefly outline it's purpose. Button boxes come in all shapes, sizes and come kitted out with numerous buttons, switches, catches, lights and what ever else you desire to be added to them. All of the mentioned can … Continue reading Simracing4u – Button box review

E-Sportdesigns / Rothmans Porsche

Our good friend and team member Steve Hindon has done a blinder again but this time in the form of a Rothmans Porsche. And guess what! It's free to download and add to your ACC liveries. Follow the link below and don't forget to show Steve some support over at facebook E-Sportdesigns freebies ⬅️⬅️⬅️

Fanatec Formula V2 Rim

"I think it's worth being clear what you intend to use the wheel for and what you are using it on in terms of gaming platform" The steering wheel is an extremely important part of anyone's sim rig, the wrong size can hinder fast movements in twitchy cars or the wrong shape can prevent getting … Continue reading Fanatec Formula V2 Rim