Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Lot of racing going on at moment for PSR, we have PPR rounds on a Sunday and RCI on a Friday along with another upcoming league later this month in the form of GT4. I figure the best way to cover these RCI races due to the multiple splits is to give … Continue reading RCI – RD1

RD 7 – PPR – Barcelona

Bit of an interesting one for Rd 7. The entire field were set to race in the 2018 Porsche GT3 car, so to say a spanner was thrown in the works was an understatement. Qualifying It's been a tough week with work commitments which has resulted in the practice sessions being few and far between. … Continue reading RD 7 – PPR – Barcelona

RCI Qualifying – Friday night league

Friday 29th was the final night to join the qualifying server and post a time at Silverstone. All entries had two 1 hour slots to post a qualifying time in any car. Fastest of your times would dictate which car you would race the league in if you'd used two different choices. With a field … Continue reading RCI Qualifying – Friday night league

Rd 5 PPR League – Spa

finally! Practice, Qualy and Race in dry and somewhat warm conditions or atleast warmer than Hungary! I'm going to be brief with qualifying and get straight down to business. Qualifying was a tough one with not much time on the long circuit of Spa, so a lapse of concentration could result in your hotlap being … Continue reading Rd 5 PPR League – Spa

Rd 4 PPR Esports results

8:00pm arrived and all those that were participating in the PPR league clicked 'enter server' with bated breath, would there be rain to accompany a poorly lit circuit for a night race? Obviously! 45mins of practice in wet conditions that would progressively get worse. Followed by 15mins of Qualifying in identical conditions. Surely this meant … Continue reading Rd 4 PPR Esports results

LLR Porsche Cup Car results

Big congratulations to 3 of our PSR drivers in this Thursday's Porsche Cup Car championship hosted by Last Row Racing @ Imola Dean Allen and Connor McCullough put in a very solid race, it looked like Dean had the legs to take 2nd but drove the car home in a very respectful 3rd which will … Continue reading LLR Porsche Cup Car results

Rd 5 of the LLR Porsche cup car series

January marks the return of the race leagues after a short break for the Christmas and New year. This coming Thursday is the return of the Last Row Racing Porsche cup series. So if no traction control and bumper to bumper racing is your kind of thing then be sure to check this series out. … Continue reading Rd 5 of the LLR Porsche cup car series

Rd 4 of the PPR GT3 League

Sunday 10th of Jan see's us return to the PPR league after a 2 week break which included a heavy intake of food / drink and sleep. Will everyone return with a few cobwebs or will the return see some eager Sim racers looking to capitalise on points and get back in the mix. Myself … Continue reading Rd 4 of the PPR GT3 League