Rd 6 @ the Nurburgring

these races seem to come around that quickly at the moment. Trying to practice for these and fit other racing in is quite a task. The fact it was the Nurburgring was a bit of a relief as it's somewhat familiar with the PSR bunch, so everyone felt happy to go easy on the practice … Continue reading Rd 6 @ the Nurburgring

ACC Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo livery

Steve Hindon is at it again, this time in the shape of the newly added Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo. To get these liveries for free is amazing when you understand the amount of time and effort that go into making each one. The link below will take you too the download page, if your downloading … Continue reading ACC Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo livery

Simracing4u – Button box review

Button box? For those of you that are unaware what a button box is, I shall attempt to briefly outline it's purpose. Button boxes come in all shapes, sizes and come kitted out with numerous buttons, switches, catches, lights and what ever else you desire to be added to them. All of the mentioned can … Continue reading Simracing4u – Button box review

E-Sportdesigns / Rothmans Porsche

Our good friend and team member Steve Hindon has done a blinder again but this time in the form of a Rothmans Porsche. And guess what! It's free to download and add to your ACC liveries. Follow the link below and don't forget to show Steve some support over at facebook E-Sportdesigns freebies ⬅️⬅️⬅️

Rd 5 PPR League – Spa

finally! Practice, Qualy and Race in dry and somewhat warm conditions or atleast warmer than Hungary! I'm going to be brief with qualifying and get straight down to business. Qualifying was a tough one with not much time on the long circuit of Spa, so a lapse of concentration could result in your hotlap being … Continue reading Rd 5 PPR League – Spa

Rd 4 PPR Esports results

8:00pm arrived and all those that were participating in the PPR league clicked 'enter server' with bated breath, would there be rain to accompany a poorly lit circuit for a night race? Obviously! 45mins of practice in wet conditions that would progressively get worse. Followed by 15mins of Qualifying in identical conditions. Surely this meant … Continue reading Rd 4 PPR Esports results