Cayman Super Cup Rd 1 – Barcelona


After the success of the previous Cayman Cup it was only right that a second series would emerge. This time teams were invited to take part with a maximum of 3 team members per team allowing for a much larger array of teams. With a few PSR members currently having a short break from league racing, myself, John Clements and Bastian Zenefels took the spots.

Race night

Barcelona was the location for tonight’s 120 minute race. The tight off camber corners make for a difficult drive where the slightest of mistakes either eats into your tyres or dramatically increases your lap time.

The strength of field in this league is unbelievably high, 1.5 seconds separated the top 25 drivers. Bastian was the strongest qualifier out of the PSR army starting his race in P11, With me and John just outside the top 20.

The racing was tough with some extremely close battles being had through out the field of drivers. My first stint before I pitted saw me get bumped around a couple of times which left me having a bit of trouble with mid corner grip or a lack of talent, either way the car kept sliding unpredictably. After a fresh set of boots I found my groove, some 45 minutes late! But from here on in I had some great racing, particularly with David Belanger who spent the final 30 minutes of the race exchanging places and a little bit of paint with me.

John made a great start and began making places but unfortunately got collected in someone’s else incident which gave him around 10 secs of damage. It didn’t seem to affect the car to much though and John maintained a good pace. It Was looking like a top 10 could be on the cards but a rushed pit lane entry meant John received a stop go. This dropped him back to 23rd. But true to form John knuckled down and chased the cars infront passing both 22nd and 21st position before making a move on 20th place on the final lap.

Bastian ‘V2’ Zenefels began his race strong starting in p11. Bastian began making up places quickly but unfortunately got tangled with another car and at the same time walked away with a penalty. The Rocket found him self a long way back in P25 but through grit and determination crossed the finish line in P12 but gained an extra 2 places due to penalties. Watch out for a big result off Bastian this season.


MSL Cayman Super Cup live stream – these guys did such a good job pop by and show the stream some support

Darrell’s Stream – you will need to fast forward to get sound, I had a slight technical issue

John’s Stream

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