Final Rd – PPR


Kyalami marked the final round of the PPR league. With 13 rounds it has been a relatively long league with every round being 90 or 120 minutes of intense racing. The standard of driving has been great which has allowed for some extremely close racing to be had.

Heading into the final round I struggled to get the time to practice enough to really bring the times down to get those last few tenths. But the overall points meant I could hold onto my 7th overall in Pro class if I got a good strong finish or held off Marsh who was around 20-30 points behind in 8th.

Race day

With Rd13 being a 2 hour night race with 3 mandatory pit stops, I decided to try out some pit tactics.

Waiting for the green lights I sat in one of my poorest qualifying positions, 24th. For some reason the night Time setting played havoc with me on a couple of corners and I just couldn’t set a good time.

starting near the back I got caught up in the concertina effect through the first lap so I opted to pit within a couple of laps taking only 5L of fuel and no tyres to try and get back out with no traffic. A fair few others appeared to opt to do the same and it did break the field up to be fair. Unfortunately my times weren’t where they needed to be and I struggled to really progress through out the race and the next 2 hours was spent maintaining position and holding onto what points we’re available. Marsh who was closest to me in the points retired early which took the pressure off me for the championship.

Final standings

Pro Final Overall Standings
Silver Final Overall Standings

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