RCI – Rd 3

Mount Panorama / Bathurst

It was time to head to New South Wales , Australia for Rd 3 of the RCI Friday league for 75 minutes around the infamous Mount Panorama.

At 3.861 miles long with 23 corners, Mount Panorama is a track which requires a great deal of concentration along with commitment to get the most out of the car and track. With undulating bends and next to no run off, Mount Panorama can be extremely unforgiving but if driven well is oo so rewarding!

Race start saw me start from P11 after a relatively poor qualifying result, I reckon I had a mid 2:01 but just couldn’t execute the lap when it counted. Anyway back to the race, the racing was extremely close once lap 1 & 2 had been completed. The drivers fell into their places and the racing was extremely clean for the most part. I managed to move myself up to P6 before the first pit stop but had been hindered by a bit of front aero damage early on. After repairing the 4 seconds of damage it dropped me out the pits just behind 6th. The car now felt fresh and my times began to show this, I quickly made my way back onto the tail of P6 and an attempt to make a pass seemed inevitable but a mistake in the form of poorly judging the corner ‘elbow’ saw me pick up in excess of 30 seconds. The rest of my race was spent getting my head down to keep p8 at bay and I crossed the line in a respectable P7.

John Clements had a great race in Tier 1 and piloted the Aston around Bathurst from P22 to P11. Competition is extremely fierce in tier 1 so this is a great solid result for John.

Next stop for the RCI league is Snetterton but unfortunately I think I will be retiring from the league due to not having enough time to practice for each race along with the other two leagues.

Stream links

Darrell – Average Sim Racer

John – JJC Racing

PSR Qualifying & Race Results

John Clements – Tier 1 – Q 22rd / R 11th

Jack Roderick – Tier 2 – Q 16th / R 15th

Connor McCullough – Tier 2 – Q 25th / R 26th

Tim Weller – Tier 3 – Q 20th / R  19th

Dean Allen – Tier 3 – Q 17th / R 14th

Darrell Upton – Tier 4 – Q 11th / R 7th

Nathan Gibson – Tier 5 – Q 6th / R 9th

Daniel Wood – Tier 5 – Q 4th / R 17th

Full results

Split 1
Split 2
Split 3
Split 4
Split 5
Split 6
Split 7

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