Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit

RD 2 of the RCI league and this week we’re racing at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. This track is tricky but very rewarding when you get it right, lot of late apex’s, big curbs, and lots of high speed sections.

This week the race format consists of 2 races both with a practice and Qualifying session. So 2 chances to get it right!

I’ve been struggling to gel with the Audi the past week and jumping out of the right hand Bentley and into the left hand Audi really showed it’s problems this week. The first few sessions of practice I found it hard to gauge the right hand side of the car against the large curbs which would unsettle the car and make it run out wide into the gravel.

Race night and everyone was eager to get going. First qualifying session I managed 6th place but come T1 in the race saw me get caught up in the actions of some T1 heroes. Quick trip to the pits to repair car and plod around in last for the remainder of the race.

Race 2 I started from 8th and had a good solid run. I managed to gain positions through people making mistakes and held on to a respectable 3rd after crossing the finish line. Jack Roderick put in another solid performance with a 9th and a 5th in his races, seems like the new pedals are doing wonders. Dean and Tim had some close results with deans best being an 8th and Tim’s a 9th. And in Tier 5 Nathan Gibson had the stronger of the races out of himself and Dan Wood and managed a respectable 13th in Race 1.

Next stop see’s us race around Bathurst. After the amount of crashes I saw throughout my 2 races, I can’t say I’m looking forward to Bathurst! Could be a lot of races finished for people on the first few laps

PSR Qualifying & Race Results

John Clements – Tier 1 – Q1 23rd / R1 16th – Q2 30th / R2 19th

Jack Roderick – Tier 2 – Q1 13th / R1 9th – Q2 15th / R2 5th

Connor McCullough – Tier 2 – Q1 28th / R1 20th – Q2 24th / R2 17th

Tim Weller – Tier 3 – Q1 16th / R1 23rd – Q2 15th / R2 9th

Dean Allen – Tier 3 – Q1 10th / R1 8th – Q2 7th / R2 14th

Darrell Upton – Tier 4 – Q1 6th / R1 26th – Q2 8th / R2 3rd

Nathan Gibson – Tier 5 – Q1 12th / R1 13th – Q2 15th / R2 23rd

Daniel Wood – Tier 5 – Q1 13th / R1 24th – Q2 17th / R2 21st

Stream links

Darrell – Average Sim Racer

John – JJC Racing

Full results

Round 2 – Kyalami Results:
Split 1
Split 2
Split 3
Split 4
Split 5
Split 6
Split 7

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