Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Lot of racing going on at moment for PSR, we have PPR rounds on a Sunday and RCI on a Friday along with another upcoming league later this month in the form of GT4.

I figure the best way to cover these RCI races due to the multiple splits is to give a brief description of the conditions and along with a list of results for each of the PSR drivers followed by a full list of results and some stream links.

So without further ado let’s get into RD1. All week the practice server consisted of Rain, damp, grease and more rain which made practice quite difficult because these conditions sound similar but in reality require different set ups and feel very different to drive in. The Audi that myself and Dean had chosen was very challenging and required finesse with the brakes and throttle to limit loss of grip, similar story I presume with the 911 piloted by Bastian and the nature of the beast with the Mid engine cars

Come race night, conditions were exactly as expected and from our discord chat we had drivers in 5 splits and not one had dry conditions. Mine and Bastian’s weather just progressively got worse through practice, qualifying and finally into the race. The same could be said for Dean, Tim’s, Dan and Nathans. John was in tier 1 and I think had greasy track with light rain and crunch and Jack had a similar story.

Most notable results for PSR were John Clements with his 7th place in qualifying, in a serious field of competitors. Jack Rodericks first ever completion of a race! Just joking, but a cracking result all round for Jack, 8th in qualy and 7th in race. and Dan and Bastian for starting nearly at the back and passing nearly 20 cars each.

Qualifying & Race results

John Clements – Tier 1 – Q7th / R20th

Jack Roderick – Tier 2 – Q8th / R7th

Connor McCullough – Tier 2 – Q15th / R10th

Tim Weller – Tier 3 – Q21st / R14th

Dean Allen – Tier 3 – Q24th / R15th

Darrell Upton – Tier 4 – Q16th / R10th

Bastian Zenefels – Tier 4 – Q28th / R9th

Nathan Gibson – Tier 5 – Q10th / R16th

Daniel Wood – Tier 5 – Q30th / R13th

Full results

Split 1
Split 2
Split 3
Split 4
Split 5
Split 6
Split 7

Stream links

Darrell Upton – Average Sim Racer

John Clements – JJC Racing

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