RCI Qualifying – Friday night league

Friday 29th was the final night to join the qualifying server and post a time at Silverstone. All entries had two 1 hour slots to post a qualifying time in any car. Fastest of your times would dictate which car you would race the league in if you’d used two different choices.

With a field of over 200 drivers and less than 2 seconds separating the top 120 drivers I think it will be safe to say this is going to be an extremely close league. All of team PSR have entered this one, and fortunately we have all ended up with atleast one other team member in our split other than John Clements who is in the top split alone after breaking into the 56’s! Jack and Connor are in Split 2 after a great performance in qualifying followed by Dean and Tim in split 3. Down in Split 4 is myself and Bastian with Split 5 being occupied by Dan and Nathan

But first off is tonight’s race at Barcelona in the Porsche GT3 cars for round 7 of the PPR Esports GT3 League. Be sure to tune into our streams to see the action

RCI Qualifying Results

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