WRC 9 World Stage Record

Bastian Zenefels

PSR’s newest team member is a bit of a dark horse in the world of Sim racing. Super fast in pretty much any discipline and extremely modest about it. He can switch from title to title and still punch out great times. His most recent outing on WRC 9 resulted in a new current world number 1 by 0.2 of a second. I won’t say much more other than just watch the video below.

heres a few words on how it came about from Bastian

I was doing some stages on wrc9 when I found Moselland. I really liked the stage and after a few runs I already knew the dangerous bits and where to cut etc Quick peak at the leaderboard showed me that i was in p10 and I knew that I could do better on the stage. So I learned the whole stage, this allowed me to not be dependent on the co driver, so I gave the world record a go. After a lot of trial and error I got a lap in and I ended up in p3. Next day I gave it one more shot and managed to get everything together on one attempt and climbed to 1st.

Bastian Zenefels

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