Sparco head cushion

‘Race seats are made to accommodate a race helmet so shoulders up is usually a bit bigger than a normal seat’

Comfort, something which is sometimes not 100% achievable in sim racing. One of those things which I think can easily get over looked. We all get, hang on I’ll correct my self. Most of us get caught up in the excitement of new wheels, pedals and all things shiney and forget just how long we spend sat in our rigs in what some people would call, quite cramped and uncomfortable positions.

A couple of months back whilst fettling with my rig, I decided I’d tilt my seat back further to let the shape of the seat offer a bit more support. This worked wonders, especially for the endurance style racing that we occasionally do. But what I noticed was once the initial hectic start of pretty much any race had calmed down and we had slotted into a rhythm, I’d find my self leaning back to rest my head, neck and shoulders only to find it really uncomfortable. I was discussing this with John Clements and he highlighted an obvious fact that I hadn’t thought of. Race seats are made to accommodate a race helmet so shoulders up is usually a bit bigger than a normal seat.

Fast forward, and after some searching of the web and a purchase, I have a perfect solution. The Sparco Ergonomic head cushion. A hefty chunk of what I believe to be foam, tightly wrapped in a nice to touch, black material (sorry not even the Sparco website tells you what it is) oo and I forgot to mention a huge piece of velcro on the back which sticks it to anywhere on your seat. The shape is ergonomic and has a cut out to accommodate your neck whilst you perch your bonce on the top of the big cushion. Absolutely perfect! I must add that I use a seat with big side head pieces so the cushion sort of looks hidden inside those, where as I imagine it looks quite big if you don’t have them. To say it is comfortable is an understatement and I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s been one of the best add on’s to my rig to date.

Buy them here:

Demon tweeks

Sparco Official

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