LLR Porsche Cup Car results

Big congratulations to 3 of our PSR drivers in this Thursday’s Porsche Cup Car championship hosted by Last Row Racing @ Imola

Dean Allen and Connor McCullough put in a very solid race, it looked like Dean had the legs to take 2nd but drove the car home in a very respectful 3rd which will see a huge leap in the standings for him. Connor came in closely behind Dean in 4th position another hike in the standings here too I’d imagine. And finally our newest team member Bastien Zenefels came in with yet another 1st place which extends his championship lead.

Qualified P1 and got a good start, which meant I exited the first chicane leading the race. I was able to get a little gap to the car behind after a few laps. Went for a late mandatory pitstop to get the maximum out of my first set of tyre’s. I Managed to bring home P1 at the end without damage to the car or any big mistakes. I am also really happy that dean and crunch finished with good points on P3 and P4. But sadly my main Rival in the Championship (John Clements) wasn’t able to race yesterday.

Bastien Zenefels

Next round will be held at Spa on the 21/01/21

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