Welcome to the ‘Average Sim Racer’. If you’re here then you too probably share the same passion that I have, which is all things Sim Racing

Although its a passion / hobby which I have taken part in for only a couple of years, it is one that I am fortunate to take part in, on a very regular basis. I originally started sim racing on an Xbox one console on a very low budget rig with a wheel and pedals. I would unpack my rig everytime it was needed and then hide it away behind a door where the wife and children couldn’t see it. I purchased my first rig as a tester to see if it would keep my interest before I spent anymore money and became heavily vested.

Sure enough as time went by I looked at ways of securing the rig better and using visual markers in the form of TV cabinet drawers, and other furniture to align my rig and try and get a bit of familiarity with the last time it was used. With time, I got better and I began looking at Leagues that were available on the titles I owned, which were Project Cars 2 and Dirt Rally 1.0 / 2.0. As I previously predicted, I began to get quite competitive and this is where things escalated.

Fast forward to present, I have been fortunate enough to upgrade my rig and hardware to something I originally only dreamt of having. The biggest improvement was moving to PC from Console, it opened up a whole new world which I never knew even existed. The vastness of leagues and communities is beyond belief. I have been part of a varying number of communities and found that a small number of us really gelled. This sparked us to create a Team called ‘Podium Sim Racing’

Podium Sim Racing at present is a very close knit team which consists of 10 drivers. 9 from all corners of the UK and the final and newest member from Germany. What makes PSR different from other teams is how well everyone gets on and how closely matched the times are. To look at from the outside I’d imagine it appears as though team members have been carefully selected and recruited but this is far from the truth, and I think this is what truly makes PSR special. With how short a time the team has been formed we have quickly established ourselves in amongst the other teams and showed what we are made of.

As my passion for sim racing has grown, I’ve felt the urge to find a way to share my passion and knowledge with other fellow sim racers. So here we are ‘Average Sim Racer’. The name was chosen because I’m no ‘Alien’ but non the less I am very competitive and have a lot of passion for the hobby, which I guess is a similar story for a lot of you reading this. If by reading my posts you gain some extra knowledge or have an unanswered question answered then the ‘Average Sim Racer’ has already become something I wanted it to be.

See you on the track

Darrell Upton

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