Rd 5 of the LLR Porsche cup car series

January marks the return of the race leagues after a short break for the Christmas and New year. This coming Thursday is the return of the Last Row Racing Porsche cup series. So if no traction control and bumper to bumper racing is your kind of thing then be sure to check this series out.

Race format is:

7:30 GMT start

10 min qualy / 60Min race 1x mandatory stop (must include tyres)

We have a handful of drivers competing in this league. 2 of which are currently 1st and 2nd in the championship, with Dean hot on the heels of 4th with there only being a couple of points between 7th, 6th and 5th.

If your interested in taking part in the remainder of this league or getting involved in more of LLR organised leagues then please head over to:

Last Row Racing

Join their Discord

Current standings

Bastien Zenefels 1st

John Clements 2nd

Dean Allen 7th

Connor McCullough 15th

Stream link’s

John Clements

Connor McCullough

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